Natural Decorative Rattan Light for Restaurant, Dining Room, Hotel, Bars, Villa…

Are you looking for a natural rattan light for home decoration? We strong believe that our company will be your best choices. We are the biggest and most professional manufacturer & exporter of handicraft for interior decoration in Vietnam and our range of products will make your satifactions. All natural lamp shades are always high quality, hand crafted from real botanical plants including natural wicker, rattan, bamboo, seagrass taken directly from the plant, cane, rattan stalks, willow switches, reed and bamboo. 

331104 Rattan pendant lamp shade is an eye-catching design for your interior decoration.  Perfect for adding a touch of style to any room.  The correct size can be custom to order.

Rattan pendant lamp shade  is a unique style and fit for restaurant, dining room, hall, villa, bar and hotel. You can be impress by its graceful. You will love the refreshing handmade and natural look of this item.


decorative rattan light

Product Description

Product Rattan pendant lamp shade
Item Code 331104
Material: Natural Rattan
Color: Natural Color (Customizable)
Regular Shape Roun Cylinder


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