About Us

As Founder – CEO of Pefso, I’m proud to share our journey towards creating a sustainable future. Pefso, a pioneer in the eco-friendly product industry, has dedicated over 13 years to crafting high-quality, innovative solutions from natural materials.

Our vision is to bring unique value and perfect solutions to our global customers, leading Vietnam’s production in three main sectors: Seasonal Party and Festival Decorations, Smart Home Utility Products, and Natural Essential Oils and Organic Products.

Our mission is to enhance daily life with eco-friendly, smart utilities, ensuring our core values of innovation, quality, environmental responsibility, and customer-centricity guide us.

Our business model focuses on providing a diverse range of decorative and artisanal products to both B2B and B2C markets, expanding through online retail channels and partnerships with major brands.

Pefso’s product ecosystem includes PefsoFestive, offering creative OEM/ODM solutions for seasonal decorations; PefsoSmartLiving, innovating sustainable smart home utilities; and PefsoPureEssence, distributing natural essential oils and organic products.

Our strategy involves continuous product innovation, expanding production capabilities, and strengthening partner relationships to achieve our 2024 action goals and beyond.

Thang MQ – Founder&CEO of Pefso