Pefso Handcrafted Wooden Animal Coin Banks – Premium Pine Money Savings Sculptures

About this item

  • Pefso presents premium wooden coin banks, expertly handcrafted from pine with transparent viewing windows.
  • Each Pefso bank is an engaging animal sculpture that doubles as a practical money-saving tool, odorless and safe.
  • Diverse animal designs offered by Pefso, including lions, bears, and whales, perfect for teaching kids about money management.
  • Pefso banks serve as charming room decor, combining artistic flair with functionality for all ages.
  • Ideal Pefso gifts for birthdays, baby showers, or educational purposes, encouraging financial literacy in a delightful manner.


Introducing the Pefso Handcrafted Wooden Animal Coin Banks, where artistry meets practicality in a symphony of natural wood. Each piece in this collection is a testament to Pefso’s dedication to quality, safety, and sustainability, constructed from pine wood and fitted with clear plastic windows to track your savings progress.

Pefso takes pride in creating items that are not only functional but also imbue a sense of wonder and education. These animal-shaped coin banks are designed to inspire both children and adults alike, offering a tactile and visual experience that makes saving an enjoyable habit.

With a variety of shapes to choose from, Pefso ensures there is a perfect match for everyone. Whether it’s the stately lion, the playful cat, or the majestic whale, each coin bank is a work of art that brings joy and serves as a daily reminder of the value of saving.

These Pefso creations are not merely coin banks; they are a celebration of creativity and lifelong learning. They make for a perfect gift that stands out for its craftsmanship and thoughtfulness, suitable for any special occasion or as a delightful addition to any home.


Material: Pine, Transparent Plastic
Weight/Dimensions (approximate):
Fish: 36 x 18 cm, 404 g
Bird: 32 x 16 cm, 278 g
Lion: 26 x 20 cm, 276 g
Bear: 26 x 15 cm, 280 g
Cat: 17.8 x 23 cm, 231 g
Whale: 33 x 13 cm, 403 g
Fox: 23 x 20 cm, 280 g
Motorcycle: 26 x 15 cm, 336 g
Long Neck Dragon: 31.7 x 18 cm, 333 g
Tyrannosaurus: 16 x 22 cm, 264 g
Note: Due to manual measurements, please allow for slight variances in size and weight.

Bring home a Pefso Wooden Animal Coin Bank today and witness the joy as it becomes a cherished part of your family’s daily routine.


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