Behind the Craft: The Art of Creating Pefso's Crooked Brooms with a 'Touch of Time'

At Pefso, we take pride in our unique approach to creating the Crooked Brooms that have become a signature part of our product lineup. These aren’t just any brooms; they’re a blend of natural craftsmanship and a deliberate aging process that sets them apart in the market.

The Challenge of Mold

For any manufacturer using natural materials, mold can be a nightmare. It’s often seen as a contaminant that can spoil the integrity and aesthetic of a product. At Pefso, however, we’ve turned this challenge on its head. While we rigorously ensure that our products are free from actual mold for safety and durability, we embrace the ‘aged’ look that mold represents, transforming it into a feature that enhances the authenticity of our brooms.

Crafting with Natural Branches

Our Crooked Brooms are meticulously handcrafted using naturally crooked branches. Each branch is carefully selected for its unique bends and twists, ensuring that the final product isn’t just functional but also visually intriguing.

The Art of Aging

The real magic happens in our aging process. To give our brooms that authentic, time-worn look, we use a controlled technique that mimics the natural aging process of wood. This involves a special treatment that darkens the wood slightly and adds a ‘mossy’ finish, which makes each broom look like it has been part of countless stories and mystical journeys.

A Pride of Production

This process of creating an ‘aged’ look on our brooms is a source of pride for us at Pefso. It’s not about simulating decay but celebrating the charm and character that come with natural aging. Each broom is a testament to the skill of our artisans who not only craft a tool but also imbue it with a soul.

Sustainability and Craftsmanship

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. By using natural branches and employing eco-friendly aging processes, we ensure that our production is as environmentally responsible as it is innovative. Our Crooked Brooms are not just cleaning tools; they are eco-friendly pieces of art that carry the essence of the forest and the mark of master craftsmanship.


At Pefso, we celebrate the beauty of natural materials, transformed by skilled hands and creative minds into products that tell a story. Our Crooked Brooms, with their ‘touch of time,’ are more than just brooms—they are a proud statement of sustainable, artistic production that respects the past while cleaning the way for the future.

Join us in embracing the artistry and narrative woven into every fiber of Pefso’s Crooked Brooms. Each sweep is a reminder of the beauty that can arise from nature, skillfully crafted to bring a piece of tradition into your home.

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