Welcome to Pefso Co., Ltd, the leader in custom OEM/ODM manufacturing for Halloween and festive products. At PefsoFestive, we specialize in creating unique, high-quality costumes and decorative accessories that combine tradition with modern innovation. Our products, including intricately designed Halloween baskets and authentic witch brooms, are crafted to enhance any celebration, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Pefso prides itself on quality and sustainability, backed by Seadex certification. As a trusted manufacturer serving the U.S. and European markets, we are committed to exceeding industry standards with every product we deliver.

Explore our exciting product range and discover how Pefso can elevate your festive offerings. For partnerships or to view our full product line, visit our website or contact us directly. Let’s make this Halloween truly spectacular!

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Signature Products

  1. Decorative Accessories
  • Balloon Weights: Essential for keeping themed balloons in place during festive Halloween celebrations.
  • Confetti Poppers: Adding a burst of excitement and color to any event, these are perfect for indoor and outdoor festivities.

2. Costumes & Apparel

  • Little Devil Girl Costume: A standout in the costume category, offering a playful yet iconic Halloween look.

3. Trick-or-Treat Essentials

  • Halloween Baskets: Specially designed baskets that are perfect for collecting treats, available in a variety of Halloween themes.
  • Rattan Canes: Though more of a decorative piece, these can complement various costumes and settings, adding an old-world mystique to the Halloween experience.

4. Traditional Festive Props

  • Straw Brooms: A classic witch accessory, meticulously crafted for authenticity and charm.
  • Crooked Brooms: Offering a unique take on the traditional witch’s broom, these are designed to intrigue and delight.

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